Please DONATE VIA PAYPAL to keep our station going
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Crowdfund Us

Please support our Crowdfund LIR campaign to get the station back on the air for a year. Your donation will cover our startup costs and EVERY penny will go towards keeping it going for the rest of the year.

Your donation will cover the costs of:-

  • Licenses (FUNDED)

  • Insurance (FUNDED)

  • Broadband (FUNDED)

  • Office Furniture (FUNDED)

  • Equipment

  • Electricity

WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS – NO ONE IS GETTING PAID. So please donate to get us up and running for  a year.


  1. We are trying to setup a community based internet radio station in Louth.
  2. We want to give a voice to those who dont normally get heard.
  3.  We want to give new presenters a chance to get on air.
  4. We want to put on shows that YOU want to hear.
  5. You will be guaranteed to feel good about yourself!


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